Premium firewood and premium grill wood from REAL BUKOWINA WOOD

Grown in the old woods of the region Bukowina between the Carpathians, Bessarabia and Transylvania, on the shores of the mountain rivers Siret and Pruth, we only cut the best firewood for you. Like the Parma region is famous for its ham and cognac from the so named region is said to be the real one, the Bukowina region is known for its real beech firewood, enriched with sun and energy that it has absorbed during decades.

Our firewood is truly hand made. It is cut by workers without any help of industrial machines. With this old fashioned treatment we make sure that you get the best quality.

Premium firewood: pure nature!

Our premium firewood is organic, clean, environmental friendly and easy to use. We only offer clean and well sorted fire wood. Using this fire wood in your fireplace will give you relaxing moments. It produces a beautiful flame picture and this nice, natural wood smell. Romantic times in front of the fireplace become even more cosy with our firewood and a barbecue will become a special event.

You may also use our natural and organic fire lighters, made from waxed wood wool and waxed strobile, which will give the wood in your fireplace and at barbecue a special touch. Must have for all nature lovers!

Fireplace wood and grill wood sets are a good idea for presents

Have you ever thought of bringing wood as a present? If not yet, you have to take a look at our beautiful firewood sets. If you are visiting someone with a fireplace or you are invited to a barbecue, one of the bundles from REAL BUKOWINA WOOD is definitely the right choice. With a Grill-set or a Fireplace-set you cannot go wrong.